Types of Home Inspections

Lubbock Inspections offers several basic types of home inspections- Full General, Condominium and Single Item. All home inspections conform to the Standards of Practice of the Texas Real Estate Commission, (TREC), and the American Society of Home Inspectors, (ASHI).

Full General Home Inspection

     This home inspection is general in nature, covering a great many topics, and is not an engineering or specialist report, which would go into great detail, but only in one specific area. Your Lubbock Inspections home inspector will look for deficiencies from a list of more than 1,000 items. This is our most popular home inspection, yet it is cost effective.

Condominium Inspection

     This inspection includes the same items as the Full General Home Inspection but omits items which the condominium association is responsible for.

Single Item Inspection

    When an inspection of the entire house is not needed, a single item inspection can be done in just one of the following areas: Foundation, Building enclosure, Roof system, Plumbing system, Electrical system, HVAC system, Single appliance, Well water bacteria test, Private water well and/ or septic system flow test, Outbuilding.