What's Inspected

Items That Are Inspected

    Your Lubbock Inspections home inspection will examine a great many items, including: foundation, grading and drainage, roof covering materials, roof structure and attic, interior and exterior walls, ceilings and floors, doors, windows, stairways, fireplace and chimney, porches, balconies, attached decks, and attached and detached garages and carports. The home inspector will also inspect electrical service entrances and panels and electrical branch circuits, connected devices, and fixtures. Heating and cooling equipment and it's associated ducts, chases, and vents are inspected. Also, plumbing systems including water supply system and fixtures, drains, wastes, and vents, water heating equipment, and hydro-massage equipment (jetted tubs). Kitchen appliances are inspected including dishwashers, food waste disposers, ranges, cook-tops, exhaust vents, ovens and microwave ovens. Other items inspected are bathroom exhaust vents and bathroom heaters, automatic garage door openers, doorbell and chimes, and dryer vents. Other items not normally inspected can be included for a nominal fee such as fence, lawn sprinkler systems, outbuildings, outdoor cooking equipment, private water wells and/ or private sewage (septic) systems flow test, whole house vacuums, etc..

Things That You Will Know After Your Inspection

    After you receive your home inspection report from Lubbock Inspections you will know the type of foundation and receive an opinion on it's performance, the insulation type (where visible) and thickness, as well as absence of insulation in required areas, type and condition of roof coverings, and type of roof structure. In the electrical area you will know the amperage rating of the service, location of the main disconnect and sub panels, predominant type of branch circuit wiring, and the presence or absence of smoke alarms and carbon monoxide alarms where required. We will report the type and approximate age of the heating and cooling systems (if it can be determined); the location of the main fuel shut-off valve, and evaporative air conditioner type and condition (if evaporative air conditioning is present). Your Lubbock Inspections real estate inspection will also include the water pressure reading for the house, water meter location, main water supply valve location, water supply and drain pipe materials where visible, water heater type, energy source, capacity in gallons, and approximate age (if it can be determined). Finally, we look for deficiencies from a list of more than 1,000 items, and when found, they will be noted.