Lubbock Inspections Home Inspector Qualifications

Home Inspector Qualifications      

            Kim Christensen is a Lubbock home inspector licensed by the Texas Real Estate Commission- TREC, and is a member of several industry organizations, including ASHI- the American Society of Home Inspectors - the oldest and most widely respected home inspection association. Kim is an ASHI  Certified Inspector, which means he has met the rigorous requirements to earn this certification from ASHI. He is also a member of TAREI- the Texas Association of Real Estate Inspectors.  Kim graduated from the aptly titled "A Better School of Building Inspection". He has been a real estate professional since 1996, with experience in construction, general contracting, maintenance, leasing, and management. Prior to that he received a B. S. degree in Engineering from Texas Tech.

    Kim follows the standards of practice that have been established by TREC to assure that you get a complete and professional home inspection. The inspection will note building materials used and list all deficiencies found. Emphasis is given to financial concerns- (things that could cost you a lot of money if they go undetected until after you buy a home), safety concerns- (things in a home that increase the likelihood of injury), and concerns relating to common defects in a particular type or age of home. But the most important thing we do is help you make an informed decision. Serving our customers well is what we care most about. When you need a professional home inspector in Lubbock and the entire surrounding area, call Lubbock Inspections Home Inspection. 

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