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Lubbock Inspections Home Inspection

The Smart Way To Buy A Home

Getting a home inspection from Lubbock Inspections before buying is the smart way to buy a home. We have the training and knowledge to find the problems that need to be fixed before you make what will probably be the biggest purchase of your life. Or perhaps you can use the home inspectors findings to negotiate a lower price. Either way, knowledge is power. At Lubbock Inspections, we seek to provide an unbiased, informative, and professional home inspection, with the utmost attention to detail.

Your Lubbock House Inspection

When you're thinking about buying a house. . . you want a house that can be a home. A place where you can feel comfortable, safe, and secure. You want a home that doesn't have inherent issues that will turn your home into a money pit. You need someone on your side who can help you discover if the house you like is really the home you will love.




An Exciting Time

Buying a home can be a very exciting experience, but in all the excitement it's easy to overlook things. We can help you learn about the significant issues that a home may have. Plus, we work directly for the client. You can be sure you are getting an unbiased inspection. And our job is not done until you understand every item that is reported on. Should you have any questions later on, you are encouraged to give us a call and we will answer them.

Inspections Benefit Sellers And Others Too

For sellers, we will provide the same thorough inspection with full disclosure that buyers get. This lessens the worry of a buyer coming back and questioning things regarding the property. And it's helpful to learn about issues your house has so you can eliminate problems that could delay or lose a sale. Finally, you may just want a professional inspector to advise you on the condition of your home, or give you maintenance or safety recommendations. Regardless of the reason, for all of your Lubbock home inspection needs, Lubbock Inspections is here to help.









Why Choose Lubbock Inspections?

Effort- We take the time to do the job right! . . . (We usually do just 1 inspection per day, and it takes 3 to 5 hours average to complete). Most home inspection companies in Lubbock spend less time than that, (some, considerably less). It takes time to sort through the complicated systems in a house. Whenever possible we: remove air conditioning and heating system service panels and electrical panel box covers to examine the systems from the inside; Measure house air temperatures at the cooling/ heating system registers and at the return air grill to help evaluate system performance, as well as oven temperatures; List important fuel and water shut off valve locations and air conditioning locations; List age, system type and capacity for heating/ cooling systems and water heaters; Walk on roofs, and crawl through attics and crawl spaces. (Lots of inspectors don't do all of this because it takes a lot of time).

Thoroughness- Our inspections are so thorough that we find over 50 deficiencies on average per inspection. Many of the issues we find are minor, but we usually find a few that are more serious. These will be noted on the home inspection report as a **High Priority Item**. Our thoroughness can actually save you money because with this information you're in a better position to negotiate with the seller.

Our Report- After the inspection, the inspector will return to the office where he will prepare your report and do research if necessary. You will receive an email, (usually in 3 to 5 hours), with the report attached. You can save the report to your computer, and you can also print it if you wish. If you would like for us to provide a paper copy as well, we're glad to provide it. The report will contain an introduction, the inspector's findings, lots of color pictures, (a picture really is worth a thousand words), and a summary section. Click here to view a sample report.

Our 100% Money Back Guarantee + PLUS- If you attend at least the last 1/2 hour of the inspection so the inspector can explain his findings and you're not completely satisfied with the quality of our inspection, we'll refund your money in full - Plus . . . If you want to get another inspection from any company you choose, we'll pay for it! Click here for details


Couldn't I Get A Cheaper Home Inspection?

Yes, possibly you could, but you shouldn't. If you find a "cheaper" inspection, there's a good chance you will end up paying more. Why? . . . Because houses, (and repairs) are very expensive. A cheap inspection could end up costing you a lot of money. If the "cheap" inspector misses a few key deficiencies in the house, it could cost you thousands of dollars later on. A cheap inspector usually doesn't know as much and usually doesn't spend as much time, (that's why he's cheap). You don't want a cheap inspector. Not for something as important as the purchase of a home. We offer a higher quality home inspection than many other companies, we spend as much time as it takes to do the job right, and yet our inspections are competitively priced. Be smart; get your inspection done right by Lubbock Inspections and use the information gained to negotiate with the seller.

Client Testimonial

"Thank you so much for the amazing job you did on our inspection report. You were the most thorough inspector we have ever seen. Your report was detailed and extensive. We were also happy that you could accommodate us on such short notice. I really appreciate it. Also, you website was very helpful. Thanks again"- Taly Jacobs, Lubbock

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About Your Inspector

Kim Christensen is your Lubbock home inspector pro. Kim is a Texas native, raised in Lubbock, and earned an engineering degree from Texas Tech. He graduated from "A Better School of Building Inspection", and has attended classes at Real Estate Training Systems in Arlington, Texas. Kim is a member of ASHI (the American Society of Home Inspectors), the oldest and most widely respected home inspector organization in the country, and is an ASHI Certified Inspector. He has been a Real Estate professional since 1996 with experience in construction, maintenance, general contracting, leasing and management.

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